1934 FORD BB-157 Flat Bed

1934 FORD BB-157 Flat Bed
1934 FORD BB-157 Flat Bed 1934 FORD BB-157 Flat Bed 1934 FORD BB-157 Flat Bed 1934 FORD BB-157 Flat Bed 1934 FORD BB-157 Flat Bed
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BB-157 Stake/Flatbeds

The 1934 Ford Model BB Chassis was used for just about every purpose imaginable, from tow truck to tanker to school bus, so why not Flatbed and Stake bed? These accurate period-portrayals of the 1934 Ford BB-157 Flat Bed and Stake Bed Trucks show one of the classiest ways America and the world got materials moved and the job done.

Both variants feature working doors and hood with incredible detail shown on the V8 lurking within, and the accurate, rich interior features a steering wheel that turns the front wheels. Both models have working suspensions and 'duallie' rear axles with a spare tire suspended under the rear.

The Stake Bed variant comes with a full set of accessories, a plank ramp, and a life-out rear gate.
The Flatbed variant includes a bundle of lumber for cargo and has a muddy effect to recreate that 'working truck' feel.

Offered in a rich yellow with silver/metallic trim and fenders, this beautiful model offers a great deal of visual entertainment and compact history.

  • Scale replicated die-cast body.
  • Steering wheel will turn front wheels.
  • Working suspension.
  • LIft out rear gate(Stake bed only)
  • Included is a plank ramp(Stake bed only)
  • Detailed replicated interior.
  • Hood and doors open.
  • Detailed engine compartment with engine.
  • Muddy effect (flat bed only)
  • Bundle of lumber included (Flat bed only)
  • Full set of accessories included (Stake bed only)

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